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    issue with JSF and JBPM Starter KIt 3.1.2

    françois peyrical Newbie

      I?m beginning to use jbpm-starters-kit-3.1.2 to create a workflow.

      I would like to modify the value of the commandbutton ?Save and close Tasks? located in task screen.

      For this,
      I changed the files taskBean.java and task.jsp.
      I compiled and deployed my jbpm.war in " jbpm-server/?/deploy" to include the changes for my JSP but it didn?t succeed . There's an error concerning the faces servlet Is it linked to the "web.xml" file ?? or "faces-config.xml" ??

      (To change the value of the other command button ?Save? and ?Cancel? it?s ok because it?s not linked to the Bean).

      Can anybody help me to customize my application view by giving me a method to modify this button (translate or change the words ?Save and close Tasks?).

      Thanks in advance. Best regards.