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    Addition, clarification to  page JBosstoolsVisualEditorFAQ

    Ian Darwin Newbie

      Under the heading

      Q : Visual Editor does not start under Linux

      One could add:

      * For Ubuntu and similar packages, the following should work:

      sudo apt-get install libxp6
      sudo apt-get install libxp-java

      Except that this does not appear to work, but maybe a clarification to the later note will make it work:

      * Open the RHDS perspective. If you see the Help view open, close it and restart RHDS

      .. what exactly does "close it" mean - the help view, the RHDS perspective, or what? And what are you restarting - do you mean "Close and re-open the RHDS perspective"? The word "start" implies a server process, but that doesn't seem to be the case here.

      Please clarify, thanks.