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    POJO face on JMS

    Bill Burke Master

      Put a POJO face on JMS so that you can define proxy objects that receive/send messages through JMS.

      Let's expand on this more. Claude Hussenet has written an ansynchronous API in which method calls can be made oneway, or if they have a return value, the return value can be received asynchronously via a polling response object. Right now it works in-VM only using the concurrent package and threads. I'd like this to be expanded so that JMS could be used with the same API both locally and remotely through proxies. JMX notifications could even plug in to be a transport.

      Basically the idea is to give a face to JMS and/or JMX and to provide an asynchronous API for POJOs. An asynchronous API that can be plugged in with various transports. We'll have to think a bit about configuration.