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    Scott Dawson Apprentice

      Can you provide some idea of the current status of the JBoss ESB including:
      - Time frame for a first release or beta
      - Is there a possibility that it will be based on an existing ESB, for example, ServiceMix or Mule?
      - Are there opportunities for interested members of the community to help?

      We have clients using other ESBs running on the JBoss app server. We want to know what we can tell them about migrating to the JBoss ESB.

      Scott Dawson

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          Pierre Fricke Apprentice

          Scott, we are nearing the end of a design phase which will provide the basis for public consumption and the beginning of a development community. Expect to see more later in February.

          The Beta release schedule has not been set. We are still aiming for a JBI-enabled platform late 3Q06 which would support some ESB functionality (such as messaging and web services). ESB 2 in 2007 is aiming to be a fuller ESB platform.

          I should point out that signficant ESB capability is available today or soon in JEMS (e.g., jBPM, web services, JMS, Rules soon).

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            Mark Little Master

            I'm going to start uploading information about the design and architecture of JBossESB over the next few days.

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              Scott Dawson Apprentice

              Pierre and Mark,
              Thanks for the updates. I'll keep watching this forum for new developments.


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                Mark Little Master

                I've started to post a few thoughts on direction that Kevin Conner and I have been discussing. Feel free to comment, or check out the Labs ESB page when it goes live (soon).