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    New to Drools Engine

    Ramesh Tuggudem Newbie

      Hi Every Body,

      I am new to drools, but able to manage in executing/fire the drools (using DRL file). I have couple of questions on execution of drools.

      1. How to achive if-else condtion in drools.
      Example : A rule contains conditions and consequence, if condition fails then there won't be any consequence. Is there any way to exeute else condition (how to achieve else condtion in drools).

      2. Executing Specific Rules (named one) in a Rule-Set.
      Example : I have configured Rule-Set with 10 different rules with unique names to each rule. Is there any way that i can execute only couple of rules.

      3. Nested Rules :
      Example : Based on successful execution of one rule is there any way/means to execute another rule at a time.