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    3.2.0sr1 - listshuttle containing non-string object

    James Clarke Newbie

      I have a listShuttle component made of a list of ImageBean objects with two properties:

      private String id;
       private MagickImage image;

      The listShuttle only displays the String id on the page, but I have a problem with my converter.

      public Object getAsObject(FacesContext context, UIComponent component,
       String value) {
       int index = value.indexOf(':');
       return new ImageBean(value.substring(0, index), value.substring(index + 1)) );

      The converter won't compile because ImageBean doesn't have a constructor of String, String.

      Do I need to write a constructor for the imageBean so that it accepts String, String or is there another way round this with the converter?

      Any help appreciated.