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    XMPP support?

    Srgjan Srepfler Newbie

      I wonder if JBoss ESB will include some support for the XMPP protocol (Jabber)? A number of ESB's use the Smack library in order to provide this transport.

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          Arvinder Singh Novice

          I'll add it to the wiki later - http://wiki.jboss.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=JBossESBEndpoint

          I don't see any reason why not, Mark ?

          Btw, are you looking at something interactive or simply a message publisher? If its interactive there will need to be some agreement between client/server aka bot, so perhaps an XMPP bot. ?

          Your ideas ?

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            Mark Little Master

            I can't see a reason why we wouldn't support XMPP. But we probably won't in the first GA release, because of timing. The architecture definitely won't preclude it though.

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              Srgjan Srepfler Newbie

              I'm not sure in which category I should place our use case so I'll simply illustrate it. As JavaME and the Compact Framework are getting broadly deployed we figured that it would cost us less to develop Jabber clients then to invest large amounts of money in order to get slots of x0.000 SMS's that we can allocate to our service users that we still don't have (so we don't know how many sms's do we need) and for which we'd need to develop a module to use a legacy system to interconnect.
              We are building a system that notifies technicians on the field that they need to go somewhere and repair stuff. They have these jabber clients (midlets) that can receive notifications of breakdowns and they can accept and refuse cases, chat with the operators and whatever we wan't to invision in the future.
              So our web app would need to have a constant connection with the xmpp server (we are using the wildfire java server, developed by jivesoftware at the moment, I extended it with a WS so that we can register our internal users with the wildfire server itself so we're opening the system for service orchestration) in order to receive messages from the field and we'd need to impart messages based on events in our system.
              At the moment we have chosen the Mule ESB but are also evaluating Service Mix. We have found something that might be racing conditions with the Mule implementation of XMPP but we're not sure.
              Anyhow this is our use case, hope to see the JBoss ESB counts us in (we are already using JBoss extensivly so we hope to use your ESB as well)
              PS. You already adopted codehaus rools, why not adopt Mule as well? Developing a ESB from scratch just doesn't sound very wise.
              PPS. Oracle demos during JavaONE with the ESB looked really powerfull, I hope to see that level of integration with the JBoss tooling as well.
              PPPS. In general looking at the codebase of Mule, ServiceMix and Wildfire it doesn't seems that the burden to write one is that difficult (4-5 classes) and I think they all use the Smack XMPP library to do this (also jivesoftware).

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                "schrepfler" wrote:

                PS. You already adopted codehaus rools, why not adopt Mule as well?

                They're competitors now, you know... :)