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    Tool support

    Mark Little Master

      We've got a lot to do for the GA, so it is unrealistic to assume we can have glossy tools for the first product release. However, we do need to have some tool support and I'd like to initiate the discussion here. Where I think we can make an impact for improving the user and deployer experience of JBossESB will be:

      (i) registry - being able to browse the registry and determine details about services.

      (ii) transformation - being able to check the transformation rules that are associated with message types.

      (iii) building the transformation-chain (stuff Tom added recently).

      (iv) browsing the content-based routing "tables" and modifying them on-the-fly. Maybe a bit premature because we haven't integrated that code yet.

      (v) deploying services and creating basic service contracts (essentially creating some of the XML config trees that are currently edited by hand).

      Any more for the 4.0 GA that we could consider?