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    ESB Administration Conosle

    Tom Fennelly Master


      The 4.0 RC will include an "Administration Console" application. It's a J2EE webapp and includes the following features (mostly around Transformation :-) ):

      1. Define Message Endpoints (temporary until we integrate it to the Registry).
      2. Define "Message Contracts" on Message Endpoints.
      3. Define Transformations that can be targeted at specific "Message Flows" i.e. Message type A produced-by/routing-from ServiceX to Message type B consumed-by/routed-to ServiceY.
      4. Define "Transformation Templates" which can be used to build new configurations more easily.
      ... and more ...

      The docs for this have been updated. Take a look at the PDF: MessageTransformation.pdf. It includes a usecase/example that walks you through the process of defining message endoints, contracts and transformation configurations for transforming a CSV format "Order" message produced by one endpoint, to an XML format message consumed by another endpoint.

      I'm aware that the docs require more work, more examples etc, but I hope there's enough info there to get people started and to initiate some feedback.