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    Simple Orchestration Quickstart

    Jeff DeLong Master

      The intent of this quickstart is to show simple service orchestration using jBPM (jpdl) and the ESB. It is planned to consist of a simple jBPM process (similar to what Burr demo'd in Berlin). This process would be started by receipt of a JMS message from an ESB Action, then would send a JMS message to the ESB to perform a transformation and perhaps send another message. Another ESB action would signal the process to continue.

      The quickstart would be in examples/quickstart/simple_orchestation, would "borrow" code from a few of the other quickstarts, and include a process definition and three new classes:

      ESB Action to initiate a process
      ESB Action to signal a process
      jBPM ActionHandler to send JMS message

      The ESB Actions will use the the jBPM 3.2 Command interface to communicate with jBPM. jBPM 3.2 is still beta, but should release early February, and the command interface is stable at this point.