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    Dead letter service

    Kurt Stam Master

      If things go 'bad' we need a place to send our 'dead message'. We can't assume people have JMS. We really should abstract the protocol people are using; this should be configurable. I think we should have a default dead letter service, people can change it as they wish.

      Daniel is saying:

      With regards to the 'dead letter' service, I think the idea was to use the message-store to persist these undeliverable messages, then re-try at a later date. Can we discuss how we would like to do this? The current message-store just writes/reads Messages to the database. The column in the DB has a TYPE (XML or SERIALIZED based on what we currently provide for Message), the Message content itself, and the URI which is a unique key.

      Mark responds with:

      It would be nice to have this configurable within CBR. So you can set
      up rules to say: DLQ is /dev/null (i.e., just delete), return to
      sender (assuming ReplyTo or From fields set in Message), deposit in
      Message Store and retry later.