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    Why Using JBossESB?

    warum muss Newbie

      Hy everybody,

      I´m working on an evaluation considering JBossESB and ServiceMix. It would be nice, if there would somebody who could tell me some reasons why I should use JBossESB instead of ServiceMix. The best would be, if there is somebody who has allready worked with both or has experience with both.

      greets Goldi

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          warum muss Newbie


          its a little bit dissapointing that nobody wants to answer to my post. Just one more thing to this evaluation. Based on this evaluation my company will decide wish of the two techniques will be used in the future project. This project won't be a small one. Pherhaps there will be 500000 messages per day running over the ESB.

          greets Goldi

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            Tom Fennelly Master

            Hi Goldi.

            We're just a few days from code freeze for a maintenance patch to the 4.0 GA release, so please excuse the delay in replying.

            Right now, I'm not in a position to do a feature by feature comparison between Servicemix etc and JBoss ESB. Anyway, this is probably something that would be better done by a neutral party - we'd surely be biased in favor of JBoss ESB ;-) Hopefully we'll have more time to contribute to something like this once we get this maintenance patch out the door.

            However, I would make the following general points about JBoss ESB:

            1. JBoss ESB is based on a codebase which has been in a production deployment for nearly 4 years. This is something that cannot be said of the other implementations.

            2. In a very short period of time, we have built a very vibrant community around JBoss ESB. There are 6 full time members of the team and 14 community members. This community is vibrant because the people involved are given the opportunity to provide input on the future direction of the project (architecture etc).

            3. Being a JBoss project means that JBoss ESB has access to a wide range of resource at JBoss/RedHat. This also means that we are in a much better position to evolve JBoss ESB as part of a more integrated solution involving not only other JBoss middleware products (JBoss App Server etc), but Red Hat products too - see Red Hat App stack.

            So, ServiceMix etc may have a one or two features that JBoss ESB doesn't have right now (and visa versa I might add!), but I'm confident that this is something that we are rapidly overcoming. Add to that the fact that JBoss has a proven track record for delivering quality middleware products and services and then I think JBoss ESB has a very bright future.

            Sorry for the short reply Goldi, but I hope this gives you something to think about.


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              warum muss Newbie

              Thanks for reply and yes it gives gives me something to think about.

              greets Goldi

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                Dinesh Arora Newbie

                Hi Goldi,

                I am in the same boat and starting the process to evaluate JBossESB and other ESB tools. Just wondering if you had chance to do more research between JBossESB and other open source ESB's. If so, I would really appreciate if you can share your findings.