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    scoped deployments committed: new deployment.xml file

    Bill Burke Master

      I just committed a working version of .esb archive classloader scoping. In a previous post I stated that you do the scoping in a classloader.xml file. I have changed the name of this file to deployment.xml as I want to be able to define kernel dependencies as well as classloader scoping and thought it was stupid to add another xml file.

      You can see an example of this file here:


      There is a unit test for this. Here is how you run:

      1. cd jbossesb/product
      2. ant dist
      3. ant -f build-distr.xml server.dist
      4. cd build/jbossesb-server-4.0.1/bin
      5. run
      6. cd jbossesb/qa/junit
      7. ant jars
      8. ant -Dtest=server one-test

      Look in build.xml "jars" target to see how jars are built.

      The unit test code is here:


      and here:


      This uses the JBoss Test Harness.