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        Hello.  This post from Thomas P expresses my interest in functionality for the MessageStore quite well, but I am having some trouble figuring out what the state of things are in this implementation.  I am indeed interested in thye possible use of JCR technology to provide aforementioned features butalso saw this post in anotherthread that made it appear that only the payloads were being saved to the store so that makes me wonder if the existing implementation can deliver the features mentioned in this thread.  That other post is here:




        Can anyone comment on the state of things WRT use of JCR to provide features as described in this thread?  Also, is the whole message now being stored? (I can't tell with finality, though there is code referenced in the above link I mentioned that looks like it may just be a payload rather than the whole message which may be problematic).  What is the best current thinking on provision of features as mentioned in this thread for the ESB dist?  We have unclear requirements at the moment but I would like to position us to take advantage of the platform as it evolves, it's just that I'm having a tough time figuring out what's there now and many of the threads talking about it are a coiuple years old.  I would love to hear from Mark, BIll, Derek or any others directly involved to find out what the best facilities are that are currently available, what the road map looks like for the future of this MessageStore and how we can get the most out of existing features and stay well positioned to take advantage of new developments as they occur.


        Thank you much,



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