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    Kevin Conner Master

      I have committed the first phase of the reworked quickstarts, the changes involved are as follows.

      Each quickstart now contains *both* jbm and jbmq definitions. The appropriate definition will be automatically included in the .esb archive or deployed separately (via deploy-jms-dests) if running standalone. They also contain an appropriate deployment.xml to correctly force the deployment/undeployment order. All quickstart JMS MBeans are now prefixed with jboss.esb.quickstart.destination.

      It is no longer necessary to specify the lib directory, this is calculated automatically for jbossesb-server, build/jbossesb and source hierarchies.

      Building/deploying a quickstart from within the jbossesb-server hierarchy will only target the jbossesb-server. There is no need to specify the server home nor the profile being used due to an outstanding configuration issue.

      Building/deploying a quickstart from within the build/jbossesb or source hierarchy can target jboss-4.0.5, jboss-4.0.5-ejb3, jboss-4.2.0 and jboss-server.

      It is no longer necessary to specify the lib directory when installing the ESB into an app server. This is automatically calculated for source and build/jbossesb hierarchies.

      The following combinations were tested
      - jbossesb-server deploying into jbosseb-server
      - jbossesb-server running standalone against jbossesb-server
      - jbossesb deploying into jbossesb-server
      - jbossesb deploying into jboss-4.0.5 (or jboss-4.0.5-ejb3)
      - jbossesb deploying into jboss-4.2.0
      - jbossesb running standalone against jbossesb-server
      - jbossesb running standalone against jboss-4.0.5
      - jbossesb running standalone against jboss-4.2.0
      - source deploying into jbossesb-server
      - source deploying into jboss-4.0.5 (and jboss-4.0.5-ejb3)
      - source deploying into jboss-4.2.0
      - source running standalone against jbossesb-server
      - source running standalone against jboss-4.0.5
      - source running standalone against jboss-4.2.0

      The following quickstarts were tested
      - helloworld (all combinations)
      - helloworld_action (all combinations)
      - helloworld_file_action (all combinations)
      - helloworld_db_registration (all combinations)
      - helloworld_sql_action (all combinations)
      - more_action (all combinations)
      - transform_CSV2XML (all combinations)
      - transform_EDI2XML_Groovy_XSLT (all combinations)
      - transform_XML2POJO (all combinations)
      - transform_XML2XML_date_manipulation (all combinations)
      - transform_XML2XML_simple (all combinations)
      - simple_cbr (all combinations)
      - fun_cbr (all combinations)
      - scripting_groovy (all combinations)
      - bpm_orchestration1 (all deployable combinations)
      - jbpm_simple1 (all deployable combinations)
      - static_router (all combinations)
      - helloworld_ftp_action (all combinations)
      - aggregator (all standalone combinations)
      - business_service (jbossesb and source deploying to 4.0.5-ejb3 and 4.2.0)

      The CBR tests were executed using revision 12265 of services/jbrules. The current HEAD version had conflicts due to a *third* version of antlr being included

      The use of scoped JBoss Messaging in an app server environment is not supported at this time.