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    rich:calendar preloadDateRangeBegin

    alberto Gori Novice

      Can you explain the meaning of this attribute in client mode?

      If I a set preloadDateRangeBegin and preloadDateRangeEnd should be cell out of this range unselectable?

      Otherwise, how to get this behavior with the rich:calendar component?

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          Anthony Crane Newbie

          I am using RichFaces 3.3.1 with JSF 1.2. I tried using preloadDateRangeXXX but i could not make it work. Please help and show some code snippet that will explain how to implement the same.


          I am getting the value from a backing bean as the begin and end values that i am trying to put in teh attributes preloadDateRangeBegin and preloadDateRangeEnd but it is not graying out anything outside the range.


          I tried using javascript to implement the date range but i am having issues when i try to comapre the dates from the baching bean with todays date and the date from richfaces calendar


          Please show some code example alongwith the backing bean. The value from the backing bean is in java.util.Date.