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    Where do we want to put

    Tom Fennelly Master

      1. We have code in the "rosetta" codebase. This is the "core" of the ESB - listeners, actions, couriers, lifecycle code etc.
      2. We have "services" code. These are modules that supply a specific service capability to a .esb module. They're packaged as a .esb.

      Something that's been missing (IMO) is a home for "commons"/"support"/"utilility" type code e.g. stream, string, http etc utility code. At the moment, this seems to be getting dumped in the "rosetta" codebase, meaning that if you have a service that needs a particular utility, it ends up being dependent on the core of the ESB. Couldn't we have an "esb-commons" (ala apache commons) type module that just contains support type utility code?

      OK, we could continue with the monolithic approach that we currently have, or perhaps we could create an "jbossesb-commons" in "extras". Another alternative might be to create a .esb for it (yeuck :-) ).

      I know we had the "rosetta" codebase before and we've just got rid of it. Not sure that was really all that "common" anyway.