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    sequece jms gateway processing

    Antoni ..... Newbie

      I have service A with 3 listeners
      a_listener1 maxthread=10
      b_listener2 maxthread=1
      c_listener3 maxthread=1 gateway="true"

      I will be sure that all request from gateway will be processed in sequence - first in first out. That is guaranted only when messages from gateway are send to b_listener2 with 1 thread. I need to have a_listener1 with more than one threads for calls from other services.

      In org.jboss.soa.esb.listeners.gateway.JmsGatewayListener i see that gateway uses all eprs :/.
      How can i set destination listener for gateway? if only it is possible...

      it will be good to have some solution for sequence processing from gateway. Some solution will be to add property to gateway listener e.g. target-listener which will define destination input listener for this gateway.
      but it's only suggestion.
      how do you see this problem ?