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    Handling Large Files in JBossESB FileGateway

    Mussab Sharif Newbie

      Dear All,

      I need to make JbossESB work as a file gwatey for files supplied by other system.

      The files normally are large in size (10MB in average) and are in a binary format (ASN.1 Basic Encoding Rules (BER)).

      I have built the decoder In a previous application using a multi threaded stand alone application, and I need to use the same logic to process the files and then store it in a database after its decoded.

      My previous application reads the files using the BufferedInputStream to read the large file in a small pieces, and process the file and then continue reading by using (byte)input.read() method.

      Just note I need to read the file byte by byte to do the appropriate decoding.

      My question is how can configure the ESB to handle the large files in and make it read byte by bye and then putting the output in some kind of database without having a memory problem (which I had when I used the defulet file composer which take the file contents and put it in a message object)?

      what that be solved by building a custom file composer? or there are other ways?