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    JBPM seperate from jboss esb, Recommend?

    Joris Hazenberg Newbie

      I have an the following situation:
      We want to use jbpm and Jboss ESB in the same AS. With a custom webapplication we want to communicate with the Jbpm by ejb-calls, and want to start a process in the JBPM with Jboss ESB with a jmsmessage.
      I have the following issues:
      - Is it recommend to implement this? Or is there a better solution?
      - The JBoss-esb has also JBPM but it is it right that it is not possible to communicate by elb-calls? If it is, how?
      - Is it recommend to run the jbpm-enterprise.ear in the AS of the JBoss JBOSS-ESB?
      - Is there an easy way to get the unfinished task of a process by using the jboss-esb queues/ws, and that the esb calls JBPM?

      Best regards.