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    Schedule for ESB 4.4. release

    Kevin Conner Master

      We have now finalised the schedule for the 4.4 release of the ESB project.

      19th May - 30th May (2 weeks)
      JIRA issues will be assigned to the 4.4 release of the project. At this stage we will consider requests for new functionality.

      2nd June - 18th July (7 weeks)
      Development work continues through this period. We will only consider additional JIRA tasks if they are definitely bug fixes, new functionality will be assigned to the next release

      21st July - 31st July (2 weeks)
      This period covers the final testing of the project, in readiness for the release.

      If there is anything you wish to see in this version of the project then please let us know *before* May 30th.