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    JBoss ESB Performance/optimal configurations

    Eric H Newbie

      Been working with prototypes and some quickstarts from the JBoss ESB 4.3 GA application server and I have been a little confused with all the options of JBossMQ, JBossMessaging, using ActiveMQ with the ESB, and using straight vanilla JMS outside the bus.

      Running some initial tests for performance on a series of actions in my test service (display message, Smooks transformation, XML2 Pojo, and dislaynewmessage) just so I can see where some bottlenecks might be...I am seeing that using the ESB with ActiveMQ as the JMS provider looks to be quickest per action.

      The monitoring console available on localhost:8080 shows each ESB and has success, failure threads, and processing time. First question, the numbers for processing time are in what unit of time?

      Second question, what is the suggested optimal configuration using the ESB? Maxthreads per JMS Listener? I have not seen a good thread yet on numbers people are seeing playing with different providers and libraries.

      I will continue to profile the time for processing using JProbe with filtering by particular methods, but any suggestions would be great in the meantime.