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    Internal Evaluation - JBoss ESB more or less useless

    Piotr Novdeggr Newbie

      From what I read I had the impression that JBoss ESB could be quite a interesting product. So I triggered an evalution in our company.
      The outcome made me wonder whats really true.
      So please comment to this position.

      - JBoss ESB cannot connect to JMS Queue (Like SonicMQ)
      - Exceptions are sometimes not raised
      - Data Transformation in JBoss ESB is not very elegant and of little use
      - The SQL Connector can only fire static queries and cannot handle any parametes
      - If the SQL Connector fetches a bulg of rows there is no good way to avoid that a message is generated for each line
      - The product is very green and seems to be very far from a stable good opensource product
      - Scheduling has a lot of drawbacks with different connectors

      -> The product is useless for our demand, which as I can tell a typical ESB demand (with the focus on scheduling connects to different sources, doing simple transformations and delivering to a specific system).

      Please give me feedback to this. Do you have similar experiences, or a different opinion to this.

      THANX A LOT!!!!

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          Kevin Conner Master

          Okay, here's some feedback.

          1 - It seems strange that you failed to do what a lot of people are already doing and paying us for.

          2 - If you want help with an evaluation them I am sure that this can be arranged.

          3 - If you want any help then this is certainly the *wrong* way to go about asking for it.

          Of course, if all you want to do is come onto the forums (with a newly created id I notice) and slag us off then do not be surprised if we treat your postings with the contempt it obviously warrants.


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            Piotr Novdeggr Newbie

            Sorry - you got me wrong.
            I still think JBoss ESB is very interesting.
            And the stated things are not my personal opinion.
            I suspect, that the feedback I got is very onesided, because people did not dig deep enough into it and wanted to go the easiest way - criticising what they do not understand.

            But for me it is hard to judge what is really true.

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              Kevin Conner Master

              In that case it would be a better approach if you provided us with some decent (for that read constructive) feedback.

              We have no idea what you have been trying to do nor what issues you may have identified. It could be a simple misunderstanding, misconfiguration or indeed a bug on our part.

              We are not perfect, nor do we claim to be, but we do try our best to help when people have issues.

              Having said that, this is a forum and is supported on a 'best effort' basis. This will sometimes mean that our responses are tardy as our efforts may be directed elsewhere.

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                Mark Little Master

                Just to re-enforce what Kev has said, if there are any issues then the best way of finding out what is going on (problems with our stuff, problems with yours) is to post specific requests to the forums and go into as much detail as you can. I wouldn't confuse the postings by putting a lot of information into each posting: forum posts are cheap, so if you have N separate problems to discuss then post N separate entries. If it turns out there are issues, then either you or we can raise JIRAs to get them fixed: that's in the best interests of the entire community, after all.

                Obviously buying a support contract gets you more dedicated help and better/quicker responses, but the forums are here for a reason too. Use them. Thanks.