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    JBoss ESB 4.5 GA release schedule

    Kevin Conner Master

      The team are starting to look at the next project release of the ESB 4.x stream and will shortly begin development in earnest.

      The proposed schedule is as follows

      Requirements and new functionality
      now - 28th November

      Discuss requirements and select development tasks that are to be included in the next project release. This will primarily focus on feature requests and improvements to current capabilities.

      1st December - 30th January

      Main development tasks will progress, except for holiday period and f2f meeting. During this phase we will accept additional bug fix requests but most feature requests will be postponed to the next release.

      February 2nd - February 13th

      Testing of the codebase with critical bug fixes being accepted.

      February 13th.

      If you have any suggestions for new functionality, or enhancements to the current codebase, then please let us know about them by creating a JIRA request and setting the 'fix version' to '4.5 feature requests'.


      ESB team