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    Issue with BPEL SoapClient class

    Dhanush Gopinath Newbie


      I am getting exception when I use try to call using SOAPClient class.
      its throwing out this exception

      20:10:31,711 INFO [STDOUT] 20:10:31,695 ERROR [SoapClient] endpoint call failed:
      javax.xml.soap.SOAPException: Unable to create message factory for SOAP: org.jboss.ws.core.soap.MessageFactoryImpl
       at javax.xml.soap.MessageFactory.newInstance(Unknown Source)
       at org.jbpm.bpel.integration.client.SoapClient.callImpl(SoapClient.java:134)
       at org.jbpm.bpel.integration.client.SoapClient.call(SoapClient.java:89)
       at org.jbpm.bpel.integration.jms.JmsIntegrationService.invoke(JmsIntegrationService.java:182)

      Any idea why is this happening.