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    SOA Software integration document

    Scott Dawson Apprentice

      This is regarding JBESB-2143 and the SOA Software-JBoss ESB integration document described in that JIRA entry. I read the document with interest because we have recently integrated JBoss ESB with the SOA Software registry (Service Manager) as described in the document (with good help from some JBoss employees, I should add).

      I noticed one minor flaw in the document: in step 4 'Change the workflow...', the 'After' section of XML doesn't match the text description (or the way that we did it). I think it should look something like this, so that the function element and the step attribute are correct:

      <action id="1" name="@create">
       <unconditional-result old-status="Created" status="Draft" step="100" owner="${caller}"/>
       <function type="publish" />

      I'm looking at the version of the document currently found here:http://anonsvn.jboss.org/repos/labs/labs/jbossesb/branches/JBESB_4_4_GA_CP/product/docs/SOASoftwareIntegration.odt

      In addition to the steps listed in the document, we found it necessary to upgrade to scout-1.0rc2.aop.jar but I don't think that will be necessary in releases subsequent to JBoss ESB 4.4.GA.

      One additional thing we did was add a tModel for org.jboss.soa.esb.:category but I'm not sure if that is truly necessary.

      Best regards,
      Scott Dawson