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    Enhancement to XPathLanguage.dsl

    Kurt Stam Master

      I noticed the new DslHelper, very nice Daniel. This inspired me to propose the following addition to the XPathLanguage.dsl


      [then]SetAsString : "{key}", "{xpath}"=msg.getBody().add("{key}",org.jboss.internal.soa.esb.services.routing.cbr.DslHelper.selectAsString(msg, "{xpath}") );

      This will allow the user to write rules that can extract some fields from the XML and set them as named parameters on the Message.Body.

      For example the rule:

       xpathGreaterThan "/price", "1.00"
       Log : "XPath Greater Then";
       Destination : "XML_XPath_GreaterThan_Destination";
       SetAsString : "priceInDollars", "/price";

      would add the named parameter "priceInDollars" to the ESBMessage with a value of "1.00"

      I guess you can also consider adding SetAsNumber etc.