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    Kevin Conner Master

      Can anyone shed any light on why this is an MBean?


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          Tom Fennelly Master

          At the time, it was because of a dependency clash (I'm fairly sure). The soapUI libs were depending on a different version of something Vs what was already in the AS. Not sure what that was now and perhaps it's no longer an issue, since I don't see any libs in that service anymore.

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            Kevin Conner Master

            I am trying to tidy up the jars now, as part of moving the smooks jars, but I can't find anything that describes why it is done this way. It has its own copy of the smooks jars, the rosetta jar and a number of others.

            The tests already pass with smooks/rosetta removed but I am loathed to commit without understanding this better.

            Can anyone else remember why it was done this way?



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              Kevin Conner Master

              Okay, the tests seem to have gone well so I am going to commit and see what breaks.

              I'll create a separate task to tidy up this sar.