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    How to configure webservice security for a Service exposed t

    Ismail Seyfi Newbie

      I have a simple service that is exposed as a web service. I have a remote web application that submits a simple soap message to this end point. My service exposed through contract definition. I specified my actions mep to be RequestResponse. I then provided in/out xml schemas. The client is able to submit a sop request to this and get a response back.

      What I want to do is integrate security into set up. I want to do the simplest possible scenario a the moment. I modified my soap message to contain a UsernameToken header. I modified my service definition to contain the security module. When I deploy this setting, I get an exception about AuthenticationRequest not being set in the SEcurityContext in the Message. I guess this is happening because I do not have a gateway set up and I am not using ServiceInvoker directly within my actions.

      With the set up I have is it possible for me to integrate Security? If so how? If not do i need to have a gateway? jbr http?

      thanks in advance.