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    How to architect a ESB project?

    Sam P Newbie


      I'm new to JbossEsb and am having trouble figuring out how to design my software in terms of JbossEsb .esb archive, actions etc. I'm hoping that if I explain my problem space, someone can point me in the right direction.

      1) I need to expose an JAXWS endpoint as the entry point (it will be a oneway call)
      2) I need to process xml messages
      3) I need to turn them into POJOs
      4) I need to then call JAXWS external web services to do the business logic on the POJOs
      5) I need to call REST external web service to do business logic on the POJOs
      6) I need to then call another JAXWS external web service with the results of the business logic

      My questions include:
      1) Should all this be in one .esb archive as one service with lots of actions?
      2) Should each external web service be it's own service inside it's own .esb archive. They would then somehow be called from the main .esb archive as deployment dependencies?

      Any other suggestions or advice would be greatly be appreciated on a good design.

      Thank You.