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    kernel, remoting and ejb3

    Nick Betteridge Newbie


      I've been playing around with the EJBStandAlone code in cvs and I've been tying to workout how to set the remoting connector.

      Does anyone have an idea on how to do this?

      Thanks in advance for any input.

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          Nick Betteridge Newbie

          Sorry, let me be more specific - I can set the remoteBinding with a @RemoteBinding(clientBindUrl="socket://"), but I can't seem to figure out how to set the server - using jbossas via the jboss-server.xml it is set via

          <mbean code="org.jboss.remoting.transport.Connector"


          .. hope I'm not too off topoc here - I don't really know where to ask.

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            Bill Burke Master

            Not sure what you mean by EJB standalone....Do you mean running EJB3 outside of JBoss App server? With code in CVS, only local SLSB and SFSB's have been tested. You *may* be able to invoke @Remote interfaces in the same VM, but I have not tested that either....I believe JBoss Remoting may/may not need some glue code before it can run outside of JBoss and with the microcontainer and EJB3.

            If you mean, just a remote client to JBoss AS and EJB3, then the following applies

            The @RemoteBinding url you put in is the IP/hostname the client will use when opening a socket connection to the server. If you put then the server will fill in whatever it's IP address is.

            For the mbean connector configuration. The URL you put in is what bind address and port the ServerSocket will bind to. Do I make sense?

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              Nick Betteridge Newbie

              Yes, running ejb3 outside of JBoss App server. I finally managed to have another go at getting this up and running yesterday.

              As you say, this probably still needs some glue. A simple fix in jbossremoting gets around setting up the Connector without using a xml segment - pity the microcontainer can't handle this.

              I'd like to take this further and try and get this to work (as well as bringing me up to speed with aop, ejb3 and the microcontainer).

              If you want to give me a few pointers as to where to look and modify/glue, please tell me and I'll feedback. If it's wiser for me to hangback and wait for the fixes to occur naturally, then fine.

              This is great stuff - can't wait for it to work.

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                Bill Burke Master

                It should be very easy to get JBoss Remoting to work with Microcontainer. It just needs a lilttle refactoring so that you can inject beans.

                cvs checkout JBossRemoting

                Will get you the code for JBossRemoting.

                Look at the Connector class, refactor it to add additional set methods so that the MC can create Connectors.

                if you get this done for me by Thursday or Friday it can go into the next release.

                Also, look at ejb3/src/test/org/.../standalone/unit/*TestCase.java. You'll see a test cases testing the various ways you can deploy outside a container. Also, there is a standalone.war built in ejb3/output/test-lib. I deploy in wars via a ContextListener (see the web.xml). Can you look at all of those and give feedback on how the usability is? What features would you add to make it easier to work with, etc...


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                  Nick Betteridge Newbie

                  Did you receive the Remoting Connector and client/server pair I sent?