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    EAR File vs Exploded War Directory

    Mike Duffy Novice

      The build for the TrailBlazer application creates an EAR file which then must be deployed to the JBoss application serer. Is this considered a best practice by those who are experts in using the JBoss AS?

      It seems more convenient to put the web application in an exploded war directory and have seperate projects for the persistence archive (*.par) and the session bean archive (*.ejb3). In this case, if you wanted to change a JSP, you could do so without doing a full deploy. You could have seperate build scripts that would build and deploy the *.par and the *.ejb3.

      I am speaking from the viewpoint of working on an application (using Eclipse). When deploying to multiple servers, it would make sense to build a single EAR.

      Any thoughts?