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    EJB3 entity example: tables gone after JBoss shutdown

    David Vidrih Newbie

      I'm testing EJB3, the Entity example from EJB3Beta1 tutorial.

      It works, but I cannot get data to stay in HSQL database after stopping JBoss.

      The furthest I came when I downloaded HSQL separately, started it and changed the hsqldb-ds.xml to show to this outside HSQL instance.
      It again works: when I run the test client I get data in database, I can select it through the DatabaseManager tool. But when I shutdown JBoss(Ctrl-C), tables (LINEITEM and PURCHASE_ORDER) disapear.
      I get an error when starting JBoss that system table and timers table is missing, but I feel that this is not the problem.
      I'm feeling preety stupid:(
      Can anyone tell me what to do to keep data in database?

      Thank you.