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    Variable name being changed when bound

    Steve Rose Newbie

      I was having a problem querying certain entity beans and I recently figured out why. It seems that the jboss application server (4.0.3 beta 1) renames certain variables when binding it in the container. If I have a column named A_USER in table USER, I would created a Entity bean class called User and have a String variable called aUser. When I delpoy , the variable would be bound as Entity.User.AUser. So if any of my ejb queries had "from User u where u.aUser=?" it would not work but if i changed my query to "from User u where u.AUser=?", it would work. However if I have another variable in the same Entity Bean class called acUser which is bound to the AC_USER column, it will bind it as Entity.User.acUser. It seems to only change the name during binding when the first letter is lower case and the next is Upper case. Can anyone else replicate this behavior?