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    Khalid Hajsaleh Newbie

      Is there a good example of using @EmbeddableSuperclass with an abstract parent class?

      I am having problems accessing attributes from the parent class in my subclass.

      Here is the code:

      public abstract class AItem implements IItem{
       int id;
       String name;
       public abstract int getId();
       public abstract void setId(int id);
       public String getName() {
       return name;
       public void setName(String name) {
       this.name = name;
      @Table(name = "ITEM")
      public class ItemHSQL extends AItem implements Serializable
       final String CLASS_NAME="ItemHSQL";
       public ItemHSQL(){};
       public ItemHSQL(String name, double value)
       this.value = value;
       @Id(generate = GeneratorType.AUTO)
       public int getId ()
       return id;

      The attribute name is not mapped to any column in the table. Any suggestions?