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    EJB3 Project Compilation

    Roman Ilin Newbie

      Hallo Folks.
      I have a problem with compiling of EJB3 projects.

      WinXP SP2, Eclipse 3.1, JBossIDE 1.5M2, jdk1.5, JBoss 4.0.3RC2 installer

      If I create a simple Hallo World project. It compiling fine and in bin folder I can see .class file.
      If I create EJB3 project (Example: single StatelessSessionBean) and package it to foo.ejb3, then make 'Run Packaging' it is nothing in /bin folder.
      In Properties->Packaging Configurations I have added sessions.ejb3->test/bin with Included:**/*.
      Packaging works. sessions.ejb3 is created. but there is nothing while in /bin folder is nothing.

      I have spendet 2 days to this problem!!!
      Help me.