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    @SqlResultSetMapping problem with self join

    alain hsiung Newbie

      I have a problem with @SqlResultSetMapping using a native SQL self join:
      I get 2 same objects!

      ClassA snippet:

      SqlResultSetMapping(name="PairResults", entities={
      public class A implements Serializable {

      SQL snippet:
      select a1.*, a2.* from
       (select * from a ..) as a1,
       (select * from a ..) as a2
      where ..

      This SQL is a self join with from-clause subqueries. The result is a list of pairs. The elements of a pair are of the same type (class A).
      From the semantic of the search I expect the 2 elements to be always different instances. The SQL query from a DB client-GUI shows that this is true (they are 2 different rows).

      But when I run the EJB 3.0 SQL-result-to-object mapping the elements are the same (the first element is also at the second position!).

      What have I done wrong with the mapping?

      Alain Hsiung