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    Problem while deploying  ejb3 entity beans: "Unable to find

    Venu Narla Newbie

      The application currently has 15 entity beans and i get this obscure error

      06:58:32,868 INFO [HibernatePersistence] found EJB3 Entity bean: com.nectosoft.pu.domain.Seat
      06:58:32,878 INFO [HibernatePersistence] found EJB3 Entity bean: com.nectosoft.pu.domain.User
      06:58:32,888 INFO [HibernatePersistence] found EJB3 Entity bean: com.nectosoft.pu.domain.UserAccount
      06:58:32,888 INFO [HibernatePersistence] found EJB3 Entity bean: com.nectosoft.pu.domain.UserAddress
      06:58:32,888 INFO [HibernatePersistence] found EJB3 Entity bean: com.nectosoft.pu.domain.UserNote
      06:58:32,898 INFO [HibernatePersistence] found EJB3 Entity bean: com.nectosoft.pu.domain.UserPrefs
      06:58:32,908 INFO [HibernatePersistence] found EJB3 Entity bean: com.nectosoft.pu.domain.UserStats
      06:58:33,138 INFO [Environment] Hibernate 3.1 beta 2
      06:58:33,169 INFO [Environment] hibernate.properties not found
      06:58:33,179 INFO [Environment] using CGLIB reflection optimizer
      06:58:33,189 INFO [Environment] using JDK 1.4 java.sql.Timestamp handling
      06:58:38,066 WARN [ServiceController] Problem creating service jboss.j2ee:service=EJB3,module=pu_services.ejb3
      org.hibernate.AnnotationException: Unable to find entity javax.persistence.Table
       at org.hibernate.cfg.AnnotationBinder.bindFkSecondPass(AnnotationBinder.java:1480)
       at org.hibernate.cfg.FkSecondPass.secondPass(FkSecondPass.java:37)
       at org.hibernate.cfg.FkSecondPass.doSecondPass(FkSecondPass.java:31)
       at org.hibernate.cfg.AnnotationConfiguration.secondPassCompile(AnnotationConfiguration.java:215)
       at org.hibernate.cfg.Configuration.buildMappings(Configuration.java:876)
       at org.hibernate.ejb.HibernatePersistence.handleListenerCallbacks(HibernatePersistence.java:448)
       at org.hibernate.ejb.HibernatePersistence.createEntityManagerFactory(HibernatePersistence.java:4

      My environment is Jboss4.0.3RC2 and MySQL 5.0.x.

      When i was developing the application I had no problem when i had 5 entity beans. And when i further developed the other entity beans i am running into this problem. Checked all the annotations, database for FK mappings and fixed any unintendedi nconsistencies. But I still get this error.

      Clearly the javax.persistence.Table Class is in ejb3-persistence.jar file and that jar is in the ejb3.deployer directory of Jboss "all" server deploy directory.

      Does this problem sound familiar to anyone? At the very least the error message is not very helpful if not misleading.

      Any pointers are deeply appreciatied.