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    EJB3 Project Hosting

    evrim ulu Newbie

      Hello JBoss Community,

      We've developed an accounting and documenting project with jboss EJB3. Currently we have implemented:

      - domain based accounting
      - invitation/ticketing system
      - simple document repository

      It is obvious that, once one starts a new web application, it is advantageous if these services are pre-developed and ready for production use. For instance, accounting (say registration or invitation system etc.), domain based preferences (say firsname, middlename, theme used for the site etc) in syncronization with accounting and document publishing system (say articles in categories and comments etc.) can be listed.

      These type of needs can be implemented with EJB3 and client web applications will use the system with a client interface jar.

      We've also developed a simple client web application for these services. It seems that we've reached a semi-stable stage.

      We're are using jboss-4.0 cvs version with our own subversion repository hosting our project.

      What we'r asking is, could Jboss can host our project for us and let developers to use Jboss development resources like Jira, cvs etc.? We want to share this system and want to get feedback and contribution.

      Thank you.

      Evrim ULU (name.surname@core.gen.tr)
      Aycan iRiCAN (name.surname@core.gen.tr)
      C0R3 Computer Security Group