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    Is JSF/RichFaces able to do that? Delete Row in DataTable an

    Maik Schumacher Newbie

      I am trying to accomplish thist taks

      1) Initialize a request scoped managed bean with data from a database
      2) Rendering the data in a data table. The data table contains a column with a commandLink that should delete the selected data record (via actionlistener)
      3) Reload the data after the row has been deleted (and only then).

      I know how to do each single step, but I fail to do all together:
      In my application, the database call is done BEFORE the delete action is invoked in the request bean.

      If I put the database call in the getter of the data table data, the database call is executed MULTIPLE times.

      Basically I want to delete the selected row, then reload from database.
      I failed to do it with plain JSF 1.2 - even when I use my custom PhaseListener, the commandLink action is then NOT executed.

      Is there a way to accomplish this task in RichFaces?

      Thanks in advance!