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    When a JBoss EJB 3.0 Production Release Version will be publ

    pomelo verde Newbie

      I have migrated to J2EE on this summer. I have learned the J2EE 1.4 standards and now I'm going to develop a new poject. I have choiced JBoss Aplication Server 4.x for it (due to obvious reasons) and I really adore the EJB 3.0 new standard. I have downloaded the EJB3 container RC2 and studied tutorials and documentacion about it (specially those provided by JBoss).

      I have planned developing the project along the next three or four months, and I want start using EJB 3.0 RC2. The question is....¿When the first Production Release of EJB 3.0 container will be available?

      I know that the official Java EE 5 specification is planned to first quarter of 2006, but JBoss is doing a really excelent work providing an early implementation of a EJB3 container. Wait months to start to develop real projects with EJB3 is too much....

      Thanks very much to all JBoss team.