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    Using rich:suggestionbox affecting JSF lifecycle??


      Hello -
      I'm using Richfaces 3.2.0GA and Seam 2.0 and facelets within my JSF project. I'm using a rich:suggestionbox component to search our dB for a list of users by first or last name string. When the user is selected from the suggest list, all properties are populated into the editing screen. Some of the fields are marked with required="true". The basic suggestion box operation and validation has been working fine, but here's the problem:

      If I use the suggestion box to load a user, then wipe out the value from a required field and try to save, I expect and get a validation error. I then use the suggestion box to try to load another user. As a result, the only field(s) that are populated with the newly selected user's properties are the required ones that I just wiped out to cause the previous validation error. Even the content of the suggestion box slips back to what it was previously. The net effect is that now I have a user screen with some data left over from the previous user, and some data from the new user. In other words, if the first user is loaded, and "last name" is required, if I wipe out the last name, try unsuccessfully to save, then load another user, the new user's last name populates the "last name" field, while the rest of the data from the 1st user does not get replaced.

      Could this be a JSF issue? We are at JSF1.2_04, and have tried to update to a later version, but have not been able to due to OC4J not cooperating with later JSF versions.

      This problem is affecting multiple parts of our app, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.