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    Official production release

    Chris Malan Novice

      Within the next few weeks I'll have at least two EJB3 applications ready to go online. They will be hosted commercially. This is what the host says when asked if they would be willing to make 4.0.3RC2 available:

      4.0.03 will be available to account with JBoss/Tomcat privilege when an officicial production release comes out

      I suspect that will be the attitude of most hosts. Are there any commercial hosts out there supporting EJB3? If 4.0.3RC2 is good enough for production, as has been suggested, why not drop the RC2? It works without problems for my applications.

      I know that EJB3 specs won't be finalised until sometime in 2006. Do we have to wait that long?

      JBoss is most likely in front with this EJB3 thing at present. C'mon guys, increase your lead :-) I (and most likely many others) don't want to go back to EJB2.1 EJB3 as implemented so far by JBoss is really much nicer.