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    EJB 3.0 and client JSF application

    Cristian Sandu Newbie

      I have successfully deployed 2 EJB 3.0 Entity beans and a session bean to access them.As client app I've created a servlet and it all works fine.However, I created another application that uses JSF (MyFaces) in the same JBoss 4.0.3 configuration and deployed in the same place as the servlet and I just can't access teh SessionBean
      The code is:
      public class EJB3Bean
      private Authors authorsBean;
      protected List authors;

      public EJB3Bean()
      Context context = new InitialContext();
      authorsBean = (Authors)context.lookup(Authors.class.getName());
      } catch (NamingException e)
      authors = authorsBean.getAllAuthors();//Exception here!
      * @return Returns the authors.
      public List getAuthors()
      return authors;

      Authors is an interface marked as @Remote that is implemented by the session bean.authorsBean is not null and the reference seems to be OK in debug mode.However, invoking a method of the class crashes the application in a huge stack trace.
      It says at some point:javax.faces.el.PropertyNotFoundException: Bean: com.softwin.myfaces.ejb3.EJB3Bean, property: authors
      It never gets passed the contructor as far as I can tell.