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    JBoss EJB3 RC2 - Statefull session bean with extended entity

    David Smid Newbie

      I realized that statefull session bean with extended entity manager is not able passivate.

      Take a look at this example:

      public @Stateful class EBProxySB<T extends EB> implements EBProxy<T>, Serializable
       private static final long serialVersionUID = 1169653273427828251L;
       protected EntityManager manager;
       protected boolean bound = false;
       private T entity;
       public T getEntity()
       return entity;
       public void setEntity(T ent)
       entity = ent;
       public boolean isBound()
       return bound;

      If this session bean is not removed whithin 5 minutes after creation, JBoss tries to passivate it but the passivation process fails with an exception "Not serializable".
      I tried to find out where is the problem and realized that extented persistence manager has an aggregated member of class TransactionImpl which is NOT serializable. I took a look in the source and found out that persistence context is only serialized when the entity manager is not transient:

       public void writeExternal(ObjectOutput out) throws IOException
       if (!isTransient)

      After annotating entity manager as @Transient, the session bean was able to passivate but then the activation process failed with an exception (with description "Entity manager factory is not bound").

      The only workaround I can see is to increase the passivation timeout which is not very handy.

      Has anybody a solution for this problem ?