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    togglePanel initState use

    Gabriella Turek Newbie

      Hello I have a jsp page that contains the following (simplified) standard toggle panel code

      <rich:togglePanel initialState="tip0" switchType="client" stateOrder="tip0,tip1,tip2">
      <f:facet name="tip0">
      ..... some stuff .....
      <f:facet name="tip1">
      ......some stuff .....
      <f:facet name="tip2">
      ......some stuff .....
      I'd like to be able to set the initialState depending on where I am navigating to this page from.
      I've tried a number of things, including simply setting a param
      earlier in the page as such
      <f:param name="togis" value="tip2"/>
      and then
      <rich:togglePanel initialState="#{togis}" switchType="client" stateOrder="tip0,tip1,tip2">
      just to see if I could make it work, but it still defaults to the first facet.
      I am totally new to jsp/jsf programming, so it may be that I am missing something very obvious?
      Thank you