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    problems with war client in tomcat

    Jos van den Oever Newbie

      Hello all,

      I'm trying to connect to an EJB with the following interface from a TomCat 5.5 war archive:

      public interface KeywordSearch {
      public List search(String keyword);
      public int search();
      public void submit(KeywordSearchHit h);
      public KeywordSearchHit bestHit();

      The class KeywordSearchHit is in the same package as the interface. Calling a function that _returns_ a KeywordSearchHit object fails with ClassUnknownException for KeywordSearchHit, but calling a function that _takes_ such an object runs without problem.

      This asymmetric behavoir has got me baffled. What could be the cause of it? The JVM used is 1.5.0_3 for all VMs. JBoss is version 4.0.3 and EJB3RC2.