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    Using inherited properties in collection mapping

    Johan Persson Newbie

      We are having problems with mapping a collection by a property defined in a another class in the class inheritance hiearchy than the class that that we a making a collection of.

      Our situation:

      Class A
      Class B extends A (in EJB3 using JOINED as inheritance-strategy)
      Class C

      Class C has a collection of Bs, mapped by properyD which is declared in A.

      When trying to load this collection we get "column property_d does not exist in table b"

      This is of course because b does not have the column propertyWhich means that hibernate is not joining A with B when trying to perform the load. Is there a way around this? (without using TABLE_PER_CLASS as inheritance strategy)

      This was done on the jboss-4.0.3 final.