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    Problem with UserTransaction and EJB3 stateless bean

    Nicolas Leroux Newbie


      I have the following error trying to use UserTransaction:

      javax.transaction.NotSupportedException: Transaction already active, cannot nest transactions.
      2005-10-18 17:45:22,323 INFO at org.jboss.tm.TxManager.begin(TxManager.java:193)
      2005-10-18 17:45:22,323 INFO at org.jboss.ejb3.tx.UserTransactionImpl.begin(UserTransactionImpl.java:49)

      My stateless ejb3 bean is using the BEAN transactionManagement:

      @TransactionManagement ( TransactionManagementType.BEAN )

      and the UserTransaction is injected using:
      UserTransaction ut;

      As soon as I try to start a transaction (ut.begin()) the error occurs. And of course, I am not starting a transaction anywhere else. So I should not be in a nested transaction (except for the ones managed by the container).

      Is this a bug or am doing something wrong?