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    @PostActivate and @Resource

    Meikel Bode Newbie

      Hi all,

      I think I read the entire Forums and got some answers for my current problem, but still there is ONE open question.

      I have a SFSB with injected SessionContext and EntityManager:

      private transient SessionContext ctx;
      private EntityManager em;

      When the SFSB gets passivated and then re-activated, the em gets re-injected (or what ever, its works well :) ) but ctx is null.

      HOW to hell, I get ctx re-injected?!? I know, the answer is 42, but maybe not in this case ;)

      Please I help, I'm realy getting mad about this.

      BTW: If ctx is not marked transient, I get the well known StackOverFlow Exception while passivation is running.


      - Meikel